CookbookHave you heard about Stay for Tea? Do you have a copy? Stay for Tea, the beloved UKWC cookbook, is a tradition of the UK Woman’s Club dating back to 1919. Flip through the pages and travel back to when our Club had recipe swaps, potluck dinners, and members started enjoying tea at Maxwell Place hosted by the UK president’s wife. Stay for Tea offers its readers many opportunities to share a variety of new dishes on their family menu as well as chances to amaze while entertaining family and friends alike. This is our final Stay for Tea printing. Quantities are limited.

The UK Woman’s Club Cookbook Stay for Tea: The Centennial Edition was published in 2009. It brings the recipes of days-gone-by into the current health-conscious lifestyles of today. In collaboration with Food Science students and faculty from UK’s School of Human Environmental Science, we revised recipes from the earlier editions (1948, 1975, 1983) to make them lower in fat and sugar without sacrificing flavor. These efforts resulted in a user-friendly, spiral-bound cookbook that displays the original recipe and its update side by side, complete with nutrition information for each version. All proceeds from cookbook sales support the UKWC Aid Fund for undergraduate scholarships.

Profits from the sale of Stay for Tea go to the UKWC Aid Fund, which provides full-tuition scholarships for nontraditional UK undergraduate students.

Cookbook: $15  + Postage and Handling: $5 each

Questions? Phone: (859) 271-4936

To order a copy of the cookbook, print out the order form and mail it with your check payable to the "UKWC Aid Fund" to Melissa Levine, Abbeywood Dr. Lexington, KY 40503.