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Student Aid Fund

Since the inception of the UKWC Student Aid Fund in 1973, we have awarded 217 scholarships, 51 fellowships, and over $650,000 to non-traditional students at the University of Kentucky. Your support to help fund scholarships for UK undergraduate students is greatly appreciated. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your entire donation will be used toward our scholarship fund.


The UKWC fundraising activities support undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Kentucky thru the Student Aid Fund. 
The monies for the Student Aid Fund come primarily from:
Member Donations
Craft Sales
Family Foundation 
Fund Run
Golf Scramble
Interest Groups Donations
Kroger Rewards
Plant Yard sale
Crafts for Scholarships
The UK Woman’s club conducts a number of craft sales each year to help fund scholarships for non-traditional UK students. Our goal is to award full tuition undergraduate scholarships, and we have done this, for over sixteen years.
We Welcome Donations of hand made goods for our sales.
If you   quilt,   sew,    knit,   crochet,   make jewelry,   pottery,   or any handcrafted item, we would love to have you donate to our sales. We will be happy to attach a label acknowledging the donor by name or business, and with any address, web site, or email you use.
To donate contact Emily:
Our Aid fund is a 501(c) 3 therefore all donations are tax deductible.